Australia's cultural and commercial hub, chic, and elegant Melbourne sports sweeping, tree-lined boulevards. The city's Royal Botanic Gardens are a wonderland of lakes and blooming trees, and in the city's zoo, animals roam freely in natural settings. Victorian architecture, outdoor cafes and an upper-crust outlook make this riverside city a magical urban center.






  • GLOBUS 2024: Great Sights of Australia with Fiji (PGE)

    From $4,669.00 (USD)

    Laugh and the kookaburras laugh with you. Cry and the kookaburras still laugh. That's the beauty of a journey to happy-go-lucky Australia where sunny days are accentuated by its even sunnier inhabitants.

  • The Complete South Pacific

    From $6,999.00 (USD)

    From the underwater splendor of the Great Barrier Reef to the towering Southern Alps of New Zealand - this is the South Pacific. Visit Phillip Island, home to the world's largest colony of Little Penguins.

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